The project status, today

The project status, today

Dear gamer,

First of all, thank you for your attention on our project, Exit Limbo.

We are currently negotiating with a few possible investors for the funding of Virtual Craft Entertainment, our indie games production company that branches off from Virtual Craft, and its first official indie game, Exit Limbo.

As you probably know, producing an indie game is a long and rocambolesque adventure. We have been testing and evaluating, and in the end we’ve decided that it can be done in 15 months, full-time, from the moment we get the funding (from the investor or from any other source, i.e. Kickstarter). For over a year now we have been brainstorming and developing the concept, art style, story and characters, game design document whilst also focusing on an unique fighting system. We’ve also worked  hard on coming up with an innovative level and world structure. Also we’ve been testing various technologies and are well into a tech demo.

At the moment we continue to work hard with nothing but our own resources and passion to shorten the production time and to ensure the best game possible, whilst attending interested investors who should let us know whether they will fund us or not. We have given ourselves a limit to the wait and  if nothing happens  we have listed our alternatives , which include a Kickstarter campaign. And yes, of course we will let you know as soon as possible as things progress.

So, again, stay tuned! If you haven’t done it yet, subscribe to our newsletter on the main page (no spam and just monthly news, we swear!) and get ready to play the most amazing retrobrawler ever!