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Business contacts:

Eugenio Gatto

+39 329 53 83 904

Press contacts, Italian:

Daniele Gianfreda

+39 335 68 18 221

Press contacts, English:

Giovanni Cantele

+39 393 88 20 289




Viale Gramsci 265
Modena, Italy


PC (Windows/Linux), Playstation 4, Xbox One

Release date:

Fall 2017


Exit limbo is a neo-retro side-scrolling beat ’em up with adventure elements, currently in production. The development team is working hard to produce a game with great gameplay and fighting mechanics, memorable and wacky enemies and a truly unique setting rendered in a distinctive visual art style. The game is a passionate exploration into what the genre could have become if it had not been lost is the technological race of the last two decades, rocketing from where the classics left off to boldly break through into new territory.

You play as Mr. Rhino, a disturbed, tortured and furious anthropomorphic rhinoceros who finds himself catapulted into an alternative parallel of his home town on his way back from work. The disfigured city is now populated by his inner demons which manifest themselves in the form of bizarre undead creatures. With nothing but his work clothes on he is left with only his bare hands to tear through the hordes, brutally ripping off their limbs and body parts to utilize them as weapons whilst unlocking new moves which in turn unlock new areas to progress. Ultimately Mr.Rhino has to save a loved one and discover the origin of this madness, annihilating anything that gets in his way…that’s if he can preserve a shred of sanity before getting there!!

The team is passionately producing a game that gives you a dose of nostalgia with good old classic arcade fighting but with tons of creative elaboration, strong art direction with beautifully hand drawn character puppets and textures, wacky bosses, unique level design, a memorable world setting to explore and underneath all the brutality and wackiness; a profound story to tell

The Soundtrack of the game also deserves a special mention as members of the team are avid and experienced musicians, composers and sound engineers. They have been composing and auto-producing music together for over 6 years and are deeply rooted in the project ensuring that mood of the game will be conveyed in full. Expect a fabulously remixed album of the soundtrack release with the game!! The band presently exhibit their songs live, many of which will be reworked into the game but are also composing new material specifically for the project.

Key features

The sidescrolling beat em’ up has gone through some major evolution!

-Strong art style with lovingly hand drawn characters and textures

-Affilianted music band at the core of the project composing an atmospheric ans coeherant soundtrack

-Wacky bosses and enemies

-Evolved fighting system with combos, special moves, evasive moves, airborn fighting and throws

-Collision frenzy on the streets as you throw objects and enemies onto one another to cause damage and dispatch hordes.

-Brutal mutilations and fatalities!! Detachable enemy body parts that can be used as weapons !

-Scrolling is no longer limited from left to right- you can freely explore areas and go up or down levels!


Exit Limbo Teaser


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Awards & Recognition

“Modena Nerd Indie Award Finalist” – Modena, 2016

Featured on the documentary “FFW3: Game Breakers” by Motherboard

Team & Collaborators

Giovanni Cantele
Art director & Game Designer

Filippo Mussini
3d Artist

Daniele Gianfreda
Social Media Manager & P.R.

Eugenio Gatto
Business & 3d Artist

Luca Gatti
Gameplay Programmer

Gabriele Della Casa Venturelli
Gameplay/AI Programmer

Giammarco Agazzotti
Gameplay Programmer

Davide Luisi
Unity/FSM Editor


Victor Ferrari Pinto Sassi
Software developer

Filippo Turco
3d Modeler

Federico De Ciantis

Gregorio Danese
Advertising Graphic works