Exit Limbo World Championship

Exit Limbo World Championship

The Game Over Milan 3rd edition at Leoncavallo had the chance to host the first 2 editions of Exit Limbo World Championship – Arena version (ok, only italians were in this time, but give us time…).

The winners had or will have access to a number of prizes that will be cause of envy for many gamers.

Of course we didn’t forget to reward the second and third positions (the fourth won a beer), even though the prizes are less yearned but not less crunchy.

Time to reveal the long-awaited (nick)names:

Exit Limbo first World Championship:

  • 1st Navidead, with 6400 points
  • 2nd Erniebowl, with 5200 points
  • 3rd Fada, with 4654 points

Exit Limbo second World championship:

  • 1st Nino, with 3104 points
  • 2nd Totocotugno666, with 2902 points
  • 3rd Illud, with 2846 points


The average points difference between the first and the second edition is due to a change in the game rules, but we made sure to grant an equal treatment to all the participants.

The World Champion of both edition will have his face on a poster stuck on a wall in the game, to grant him eternal glory, other than a copy of the game.

The second and third positions will have a copy of the game. All the prizes will be dealt by a download link after the official launch.

We still don’t know when and where the next World Championship will be, but stay tuned: you could be the next World Champion!