Demo, a good news and a bad news…

Demo, a good news and a bad news…

Dear Mr. Rhino fans,

We have a good news and a bad news.wip

The bad news: because of many working issues, we haven’t been able to fulfill October’s deadline for the Demo publishing.
Being November and December a very bad time to launch a videogame on Kickstarter, we are forced to move the deadline to February 2017,
so that we can get the best from international press.

The good news: we didn’t want to let you down so we will offer you a playable version of PvP arena, the same (but improved!) version that
some of you had the chance to play at the events we went to present Exit Limbo.
We are adding new enemies, new moves and new assets that will throw you in the grotesque atmosphere of Exit Limbo’s Modena!

We are big fat laggers and we beg your pardon for this, but as you probably know, the life of an indie gamedev in Italy is but easy,
and not having the financial support means that a small event can change your plans dramatically.
Hoping we didn’t get you mad, we invite you to follow us and stay tuned for the next month’s big things about Exit Limbo.
To let us share our dream with you, please keep on supporting us!