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A bizarre reinvention of the 90's arcade beat 'em up

Unchain the beast!

What is Exit Limbo?

90’s beat ‘em up have never had so many great features! Here are some gameplay goodies.

Split Personality

Some parts of the game will need another You to solve puzzles, move through the environment or simply to kick some extra ass. Don’t have friends? JUST SPLIT IN TWO! Two different characters can be used at the same time by one player.

A reinvention of 90s Beat'em up

Just like you used to play, only BETTER. Ripped off enemy limbs are great fly-catchers or...weapons! Use loads of crazy weapons, moves and solve puzzles to fight your way out of this mess!

Innovative fighting system

Juggling with enemies is your favourite sport?
Are you better at crushing zombie sheep by throwing corpses rather than at bowling? Exit Limbo is waiting for YOU!

Strategically updated combos

Tired of the “Old But Good” combo system? Upgrade your combos with the special items! The effects can be combined to solve puzzles or just smash skulls more efficiently. What will happen if you add fire AND ice to the same combo...?

Puzzle world level structure

Forget boring linear level system. Using a special item you can actually reconfigure the levels to reach new areas and move effectively between parts of the world .

Original soundtrack by Exit Limbo the band

Discover Exit Limbo, the band that inspired Exit Limbo Videogame and gave life to the suggestive and immersive soundtrack!

from the concept album to the videogame

Together with the videogame, the full album by Exit Limbo the Band will be released on all the main music platforms. Stay tuned...literally.


Exit Limbo



Inhabitants of limbo

Zombie Sheep Army

Conformists, brainless, with no ideal or ambition but making your way out of the Limbo more challenging.
Don’t let them too close, or they will puke all their disappointment in your face.
Just like everyday sheep, if you know what I mean.


Despite its inability to clap its hands, the T-Rex is one of the cruelest bosses that you will meet in the Limbo.
Beware its size, as it can stomp on your poor being before you can say "Who the hell forged you a golden inlaid armour and why??"

The Dark Bitch

The sum of all evil, a brutal mix of cruelty and hate. Definitely not someone you would introduce to your grandma.
Who is she? Where does she come from? And, above all, WHY THE HELL IS SHE SO PISSED OFF?
I'm sorry but I guess you will need to play to find it out.

Our Inspiration

What we love is what inspires us. Here are the glories of the past that started our spark.

Street of rage
Street fighter

MR. Rhino

The main character is Mr. Rhino, a humanoid rinocerous who lives in a small flat with his cat in Modena, Italy. He has a crappy job which he does without enthusiasm. He feels alienated and being self conscious of his aspect he avoids social situations for the fear of rejection.

A peculiar event will change everything

One day, apparently for no reason, a distopic world populated by raging zombie sheeps lies where he'd previously left the formerly equally meaningless reality. Rhino has no choice but to fight for his life with the help of the most anti-heroic characters you've ever met. Help him unveil the truth and exit the Limbo!

Modena - Italy

Al srà anch un bèl lavòr

Modena is a very special town: we have giant mosquitos 24/7, 345% humidity all year long and some of the most brilliant talents that Italy could give birth to. You just can’t imagine how many things are actually hail from this small town and it’s 180.000 inhabitants. There’s also a lot of curious (and sometimes creepy) stories about this weird settlement and its unique inhabitants. Do you want to read some of them? Go on and discover the distopic world of Exit Limbo!

Peculiar wine that only the natives seem to appreciate
World's coolest cars are designed and made here
Many famous italian people are actually from Modena

Huge monsters- 'The Siluro Killer'

Modena lies between two rivers, which are populated by a joke of nature : the all-eating Wels Catfish. Legends speak of this huge fresh water whale that somehow made it into the city park lake.... gobbling up ducks, pets and even human beings!

Micro Monsters

Another of Modena’s monsters is a small one: the mosquito.
There are undead mosquitoes that can bite you on a midwinter night, in a climate where not even penguins would dare face. Should the world be doomed to extinction they would still survive.
And during the day? Hey Presto! We also have asian-imported Tiger Mosquitoes. Smarter than cockroaches, faster than tigers and more famished than Pirañas, they can bite you 3 or 4 times in quick succession. Prepare your rifle.

Pork is Modena’s way

Everything in Modena’s cuisine is pork-contaminated. No kidding: EVERYTHING. Pork in the bread dough, pork crisps, they mince pork and put it everywhere and when they can’t, they put pork lard instead.
Even some breakfast croissants have pork in them.
So basically what you get when you (try to) stand up after lunch is the “Oh no, I need some sleep” feeling. They even have a monument revering the pig in Modena’s province. Yes, it’s in the main square.